"Tayley Post"

I’ll admit, after reading how much the whole “Tayley” ship bothered her, I felt pretty guilty myself. They are people, not just characters in a movie or a comic book and it made me feel bad that I was doing something that my inspiration was being bothered by even if she saw any of my posts whatsoever. I’ve read of some other paramore bloggers who felt the same. At the same time, however, when we do post things regarding “Tayley” it is not out of spite or hope that Hayley and Chad will break up. If you’ve ever shipped someone you understand that awesome feeling of reading or viewing things online where the two people have a potential romance. For some reason, us regular people love that. So our ships are not meant to harm Hayley’s relationship with Chad, or her friendship with Taylor. It is just something weird us fan-folks do for some reason. So I hope Hayley isn’t too upset with those in the parafamily who shipped Tayley. We understand the bond that you, Taylor and Jeremy have and never meant to belittle anything. 

  • Last Hope - Live Split

In other news, I totally just bought the shirt and shorts Hayley wore on the Self-titled tour. This will be my forever outfit.

"I don’t even know my friends at all, I thought i’d buy their presents… by now."

Me (christmas shopping probs)